Death Kick ties SEX

Sex positions to unite all elements of energy, physical and emotional partner. Sexual relations techniques contained in an ancient book of Taoism prioritize the balance of yin and yang to reach peak enjoyment. These precepts guided the men to be able to sustain longer erections and can achieve orgasm in time.

In addition, a variety of tactics is also adjustable for various physical conditions of men and women, including the size of 'kecil' his brother. If your partner has a penis size that is not too big there are some positions that could make the couple gain maximum satisfaction.

Not just for sex gratification, all the techniques in Taoist teachings have also been taken into account in terms of human anatomy to get health and spiritual balance between mind, body and soul. Elements of energy, physical, and emotional style of blending in sexual relations Tao.

Here are a few moments Taoist lovemaking style that you can try with your partner.

Cats and mice share the burrows

This position is another name for stylish women on top. Men are under lying on his back, and the woman on top giving optimal stimulation in men. With this position, his hands are free to stimulate breast more freely throughout the body and partner.

Mandarin Ducks

This stance is another name for the position of the spoon (spoon) or '99 '. Men and women lying on his side. Men penetrated from behind and stimulate their partner. This position is more emotional partner. Many women prefer this position because it will cause a feeling of comfort and pampered.

Dragon flicker

Woman lie on her side, legs folded forward position, while the upper body slightly twisted facing up. Men penetrating from the back of her partner's body. This position can provide deep penetration and very appropriate for a man whose penis is too big.

White tiger pounce

Kick it like a doggie style position. But the position of a woman's body is more curved down like a cat stretched forward. Buttocks slightly lifted upward. That way, the penis can penetrate deeper.

Gairah Suami Istri

husband and wife who have intercourse. at which time the wife is cool wash clothes all of a sudden the husband approached her and fondle her. because it can not stand the fondling her husband who was getting excited and make him stimulating. his wife was serving the husband and they have intercourse on the ground as well.

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